Mobilizing Water Conservation Investment to Achieve the Greatest Impact

Meet Uviation, LLC... Through international collaboration with universities, Uviation is coupling the latest technologies and innovations with its new customized drone platforms that identify, target, and mitigate the areas causing the greatest river pollution through unprecedented data collection and analysis. Uviation is positioning itself to fill the two current market gaps of i) conservation investment's inability to identify projects with the greatest impact and return on investment, and ii) a collaborative platform that aids research innovations in the identification/promotion of the best technologies and increases the speed of market adoption. Uviation's techniques and technologies will revolutionize water conservation efforts and drastically restore the vital health of our rivers and oceans.  


Did You Know...

  • 40% of U.S. rivers and lakes are too polluted to fish or swim in
  • 50% of European rivers are in poor quality
  • 80% of the oceans’ pollution comes from land
  • Majority of pollution is nutrients (nitrogen & phosphorous), from agriculture
  • By 2050, the world will require 50% more water, if we don’t change our consumption
  • Water borne illness is the world’s #1 cause of death

Water pollution effects nearly every city and rural community in the U.S.

River pollution is causing massive ocean dead zones! 



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